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Commercial Agreements

This encompasses a wide range of agreements that govern commercial transactions between businesses. It includes services, agency, distribution, license, sale and purchase terms and conditions, manufacturing agreements and more. LMA Legal can help to draft, review, negotiate and finalise these agreements to protect your interests.


Buying & Selling Businesses - Share and Asset Sales

This involves legal assistance in the process of purchasing or selling businesses. It could involve either the sale of shares of a company (share sale) or the sale of its assets (asset sale). LMA LEGAL advises on compliance with relevant laws, drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements, conducting due diligence and facilitating the transaction.


Joint Ventures - Shareholders Agreements

Joint ventures involve collaboration between two or more entities for a specific business purpose. Shareholders agreements outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the parties involved in the joint venture. LMA LEGAL services include drafting these agreements, negotiating terms, and ensuring legal compliance. LMA Legal helps parties understand the legal aspects of entering into a joint venture for clarity, accountability and protection of interests purposes.


Share investments

This involves legal assistance in transactions related to the purchase or sale of shares in companies. It includes drafting investment agreements, conducting due diligence, and advising on legal implications.



These are business structures in which two or more individuals or entities agree to jointly carry on a business for profit. LMA Legal advises in relation to partnership agreements which outline the terms and conditions of the partnership including business objectives, contributions of each partner, profit sharing-arrangements, decision making processes and management responsibilities. LMA Legal can help draft comprehensive partnership agreements tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


Re-organisations including cross-border mergers

LMA Legal provides legal advice in relation to corporate restructuring ie significant structural changes that a company undergoes to optimise its operations, finances or legal structure. These may include debt restructuring, asset sales, distributions or share capital reductions. LMA Legal can help achieve the desired objectives aiming to minimise risk and maximise value for the company and its stakeholders.


Corporate Governance

LMA Legal can advise in relation to compliance, practices, and processes by which they are directed and controlled. It includes compliance with legal requirements, and drafting corporate policies.


General Corporate Advisory

LMA Legal advises businesses on various corporate matters such as compliance, risk management, corporate strategy and governance issues.


Outsourcing Projects

LMA LEGAL also services law firms and inhouse teams in respect of discrete projects relating to any of the corporate/commercial services above.

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